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Hello, and thank you for considering us for outsourcing your social media


I just want to go over for a few minutes what we plan to do for you¶

We are obsessed with getting your promotions offers and content out there to

social media and to a large engaged following.

The way we did that is by creating the social media growth system¶

So ordinarily, social media networks do not show your content to very many


That is because their goal is to get tons of engagement on the platform¶

And your goal is to post links outside of the platform to try to get people to your

website to buy¶

So we've created a more balanced approach where we give the social networks

what they want, so you get what you want, and here's how it works¶

So there's several types of content that we're going to be posting on a daily


The first one is engagement posts, you've seen them before¶2

We're basically going to be asking people in a very graphic way with a nice


Things like you know, do you prefer coffee or tea? You know, trying to get people

in a more divisive mindset¶

So you get a ton of comments below, where people kind of stick out their

position, and other people counter it¶

Never political¶

It's always fun¶

And these get in credible reach¶

I've got a buddy Rob, who is always always engaging with these types of posts¶

It doesn't matter how obscure the company is, they can have one follower, it

doesn't matter¶

If Rob sees that post and comments on it, I will see it in my feed and it's tough to

get into my feet¶

I'm very active on social media¶

So what you want is for your target audience, to have their following seeing your

posts so that does a couple things¶

It gets you a little more reach with their friends¶

And it also tells a social network that you have engaging content because you

are getting tons of likes, comments and shares on your content¶

The second type of content we're going to post for you is thought leadership


So the way those work is we want to show the social networks and your

audience that you know what you're talking about within your field¶3

So we will be researching and publishing posts about information within your

industry that is cutting edge trying to give people the latest news on what's going

on in your industry¶

So what that's going to give you is credibility¶

It's also going to give the social networks a chance to absorb your content, along

with a ton of hashtags that we're going to load into those posts¶

The hashtags are going to be industry specific¶

So when people are searching in your industry, or if they're just browsing and

they happen to show a lot of likes within your industry, your content will be shown

to those people¶

That is a double win¶

So the third type of content we're going to be posting is user-generated content

and this is really the holy grail of content on social media¶

The main reason for that is other people talking about your brand¶

That's 10 times more credible studies have shown than you talking about your


In addition, it's going to show the social networks that other people care about

you and your brand so the way we accomplish this is throughout the year we're

going to be posting engaging, interactive campaigns, things like testimonial

campaigns to gather testimonials about your company and brand viral

sweepstakes to get people out there engaging with your content and sharing,

even photo and video contests or galleries¶

You get the idea¶

We're going to be posting those throughout the year, probably season all

depending on the plan that you select¶

Those will be more or less frequent¶4

So between these three things, you're going to be getting much higher organic

reach and engagement¶

This is where the fourth type of post comes in¶

When you have an offer or some kind of accompanying update or activity or

event that you want to promote¶

Now you've got this foundation that we can lay on top of it¶

So when it's time to promote that sweet sale on Black Friday or whatever it's

going to be you are going to be poised to reach a much larger and more engaged

audience, so you get the business results that you expect¶

So we look forward to serving you and thanks for your consideration¶

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