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Ultra High-Converting Opt-In Page Headline Templates

Timeless Formula #1

Why You Don’t Need [to Take Unpleasant Action] to Get to [Desired Result]


Why You Don’t Need To Lift Weights Everyday To Get A Ripped, Lean Body


Timeless Formula #2

How to [Achieve Impossible Goal] in the Next [Very Short Timeframe] Without [the Basic Foundation You Think You Need]


How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In The Next 5 Years Without Working A Second Job


Timeless Formula #3

[Number] Critical Warning Signs You’re About to [Get Undesired Result] (and How to Avoid it)


5 Critical Warning Signs You’re About To Get Audited By The ATO – And How You Can Avoid It!


Timeless Formula #4

The Big Lie [Experts] Tell About [Topic] that Could [Cause You Great Harm]

The Big Lie The Weightloss Industry Tells About Carbs That Could Cause You Serious Health Issues


Timeless Formula #5

[Number] Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making that Cost You [Resources / Desired Outcome]

5 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making That Cost You Thousands Of Dollars In Interest Each Year


Timeless Formula #6

[Number] Shocking Habits of Highly Successful [Target Audience]

3 Shocking Habits Of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents


Timeless Formula #7

[Number] Crucial [Year] [Industry] Trends for [Audience] Who Want to [Get Desired Result]

5 Crucial 2019 Stock Market Trends For Traders Who Still Want To Make Money


Timeless Formula #8

The Truth About [Industry / Topic] Nobody Wants You to Read

The Truth About Real Estate Investing Nobody Wants You To Read


Timeless Formula #9

[Number] [Topic] Templates Guaranteed to [Desired Outcome #1] & [Desired Outcome #2]

101 Vegetarian Recipes Guaranteed To Taste Delicious and Help You Lose Weight


Timeless Formula #10

[Number] [Topic] Hacks: The Ultimate Checklist to [Reach Your Goal] [Easily /Quickly / Without Spending a Fortune]

7 Facebook Hacks: The Ultimate Checklist To Create A Flood Of New Clients From Social Media Without Spending A Fortune


Timeless Formula #11

[Number] Little-Known [Topic] Secrets Which Keep You From [Achieving Desired Outcome]

3 Little-Known Weightloss Secrets Which Keep You From Shedding Unwanted Pounds


Timeless Formula #12

[Topic] Expert Reveals Their [Number] Step Formula For [Achieving Outrageous Success] Quickly and Easily

Real Estate Expert Reveals Their 5 Step Formula For Building A Multi-Million-Dollar Portfolio Quickly and Easily


Timeless Formula #13

WARNING: Do NOT [Take Action] Before You Read This Shocking [Free Report/Exclusive Guide]

WARNING: Do NOT Hire A Builder For Your Renovation Until You Read This Shock Free Report


Timeless Formula #14

[Get Big Benefit] In [Short Timeframe] By Using These Proven [Topic] Strategies

Lose 5kg Of Bodyfat In The Next 14 Days By Using These Proven Weightloss Strategies


Timeless Formula #15

[Number] Proven Ways You Can [Achieve Specific Result] In [Specific Timeframe]

7 Proven Ways To Make $10,000 In The Next 30 Days


Timeless Formula #16

What [Target Audience] Must Know If They Want To [Achieve Desired Result]

What Home Owners Must Know If They Want To Reduce Their Mortgage Repayments


Timeless Formula #17

The Breakthrough Method [Number Of Target Prospects] Have Used To [Achieved Desired Outcome] In [Short Timeframe]

The Breakthrough Method 1041 Stay-At-Home Mums Have Used To Build Their Own 6-Figure Business In The Last 2 Years


Timeless Formula #18

Find Out How You Can [Eliminate Biggest Problem] and [Achieve Fantastic Benefit]

Find Out How You Can Keep The Greedy Banks Honest and Save Thousands Of Dollars Every Year


Timeless Formula #19

Expert Reveals The Simple Way You Can [Do Something Surprising] Which [Gives You An Incredible Benefit] In [Short Timeframe]

Aussie Millionaire Punter Reveals The Simple Way You Can Legally Flip The Odds On The Betting Agencies & Make $1000+ From Home In The Next 24 Hours


Timeless Formula #20

[Number] [Things Relating To Topic] You Can Eliminate To [Get Instant Benefit]

10 ‘Health’ Foods You Can Eliminate To Immediately Begin Losing More Weight



Headline formula:


Finally! How to get [desired result] without [thing they fear most] in [specific time frame] - guaranteed.


If you’re struggling to come up with a unique headline, this little puppy works a treat, every, single, time. Guaranteed.


The Opt-in Sub-Headline

The sub-headline simply restates your offer and what they’re specifically getting i.e. 26-page Paleo cookbook including 16 delicious paleo friendly recipes you can make in under 20 minutes PLUS beautiful high-resolution pictures.


It should then go on to explain how this will be delivered and leave nothing to question, i.e. Simply enter your email address below and a PDF copy will instantly be sent right to your inbox.



Ultra-Compelling Fascination

Bullets Template


How to X without Y: "How to get washboard abs without doing a single sit up." "How to meet single men without speed dating or hanging out in bars." “How to invest in real estate with no money down.”


You need X right? Wrong! Address a common belief and then create massive curiosity by talking against it. "Drinking 3 litres of water a day is healthy right? WRONG!"


"Discover the number one thing you can do to stay 20 times more hydrated than drinking water." This creates massive intrigue.


X ways to Y: This is the most classic of all, "Five ways to meet single woman in Melbourne." Classic, straight forward copy.


Where to find Y: "Where to find the most ravenous hyperactive buyers online."


How to eliminate X: "How stop joint pain forever." “How to never pay another cent in tax."


What you should never: this is a great one, as people are more compelled to know what they shouldn't do than what they should. Fear of loss (pain) is greater than fear of attainment (joy).


"What you should never say to a woman on your first date." "What you should never do when trying to win over a prospect."


Say goodbye to X [frustration] "Say good bye to calorie-counting and hour-long cardio sessions."


The truth about Y: “The dirty truth about fish oil revealed.” “The truth about flossing only after you’ve brushed your teeth.”


Have you been doing X wrong? (And does it really matter?) "Have you been boiling your eggs in the wrong pot? (And does it really matter?)”




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