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Cold-Email Marketing Checklist

Starting List

1. Email Tools : Download and install our free tools Here

2. Warmup Tool : Pick and setup your warmup tool Here

3. Leads : We recommend not to do more than 2500 subscribers per month for the next 4 - 6

months so your domain can build its reputation. If you need leads we recommend going to

appsumo.com and searching the term “Lead Generation” they have some amazing tools to

give you Lifetime deals at a low cost.(Useartemis and Leadscrape) We recommend you

scrape double the amount so when you validate your emails you will have enough.

4. Validate Emails : You can use our free tool or get on that is online from appsumo.com

(Email List Validation is a good one). You must validate your list to protect your domain if

you do not your account can be shutdown due to high bounce rates etc.

5. Upload Your List : Once you get a solid list of 2500 per email domain, DO NOT FOR GET TO TAG BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR UPLOAD example: Date of Upload, Type of List, Industry, Job Title. This will help you segment. If You like to send more emails out add a secound email and copy your flow.

6. Add a limiter to your Flow : In HubIQ go to your flow and add a Limiter at the top of the flow this will limit how many emails are being sent out per day.

7. Add Emails To Flow : In your CRM you can filter and segment your leads, then select all and simply click add to flow at top, you can add as many contacts to the flow as long as you have a limiter in the flow to protect you.

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