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4 Question Sales Script (plus objection handlers)


Question #1: Fast forward 1 year, what’s changed with your [business / relationship / finances] that would blow you away and make you happy with your progress?

  • ●  Dig deep here.

  • ●  Ask 5-10 followup questions

  • ●  Truly search for understanding of what they want life to look like

  • ●  Use questions such as: “Oooo interesting. Tell me more”, “What else?”, “Why is that important?” and “What

    about X?”
    Objective: Be able to say back to them exactly what they want in a clear and compelling way. Time: 10-30 minutes.

    Question #2: What’s been standing in your way or holding you back from that? Details:

  • ●  Use the “5 Deep Technique” here.

  • ●  Ask why (or a variation) 3-5x.

  • ●  Keep prodding until you get their REAL obstacle

  • ●  Find 2-3 main obstacles.

  • ●  You know you have the real obstacle when they take ownership of it

    Objective: Be able to say back to them exactly what they want in a clear and compelling way. Time: 3-5 minutes

    Question #3: What resources, talents, skills do you have to help you do that? Details:

  • ●  Explore time, money, skills, tools and connections they might have

  • ●  Make a list of them

  • ●  Point to them “Oooo” and “Ahhh” genuinely about them

    Objective: identify the things they already have at their disposal that we can use to reach their goal. Time: 3-5 minutes

    Summarize: Say back to them everything they’ve just told you in a clear way. Details:

  • ●  “You’ve told me that you want _____ because of ______.”

  • ●  “And you haven’t got it because of _______ and _______.”

  • ●  And it looks like you have all these resources __________ and ________”

  • ●  “Is that right?”

    Objective: They feel like, for the first time, someone stopped and heard them, listened and said back to them in a more clear and compelling way what they desire than they’ve ever known. It should move them.
    Time: 1-2 minutes

    Question #4: Do you want me to help you?
    Objective: For them to say “yes” which gives you permission to present your offer to them as a way to solve their problem.

    Close: Show them your offer in their context


  • ●  Great. Here is how it works.

  • ●  My fee is $_______. (share your fee structure in simplest form)

  • ●  We’ll do that by ________. (share your simple 3 step process)

  • ●  For that money you get __________. (share the 3-4 core pillars of your offer)

  • ●  Would you like to pay with mastercard or VISA?

    Objective: For them to sign up by giving you their credit card information: Time: 5-10 minutes

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