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Sales Script Template

Welcome, build a little rapport

Hi, [Name], it’s NAME, from (company name) how are you?

Awesome, well I appreciate you being on time and ready to go !

Setting the expectation.

Before we jump in here, I wanna give you a quick rundown of how these calls usually go, just so you know exactly what to expect.
My job today is really simple.
1st I’m gonna be asking a few questions to work out IF or HOW we can help you.

If it turns out we can’t help, I’ll try to point you in the direction of a better match. - (saying this builds trust and shows you aren't just trying to sell them)

But If I find out we can help and you end up qualifying...
That’s when I’ll dive into our culture, show you some results from past clients and talk about

packaging and pricing.

To be completely transparent My intentions today are to 1st make sure we can help you, then after I know we can, I just want to make sure I set some solid expectations for you and give you some clarity on our services and our different tiers.
Ultimately by the end of this call partnering with (company name) should be the easiest decision you’ve ever made and if it’s not that’ll be my fault, not yours. Sound Good?

Discovery Questions



  1. Awesome, my 1st question is why (Company name), and why now?

  2. Great! So what’s your current (solution to their problem)?

  3. What's an average month for you revenue wise?

  4. In 3 months time, what would be a realistic goal for that number ?

    1. Gotcha, So right now you’re at ____ and the goal is ____ right?

      That’s a ____ per month Gap
      And That’s around ____ over the course of a year. “So I can see now why you booked this call, That's definitely a goal worth reaching.

    2. Now NAME Let's say we hit GOAL. What does that do for you and the business, and why is it important we hit that number?

  5. Awesome, so let's say we were able to drive you enough traffic to hit that xxK/month goal....Realistically speaking is that something you could handle right now as far as fulfillment and inventory?

  6. Now obviously there’s hundreds of ways to make money online in this day and age. But when it comes to nurturing this business and seeing that __k/month , as far as commitment level where would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?

  7. Awesome! Now last question; in an ideal relationship with you and an agency, how would you define success?

Awesome! Well with all that being said I think i got everything i need.
Like I said, my 1st objectives were to figure out if we could help and if you were a good fit. Good news is We definitely can, and you definitely are so all I need to cover now is how we’re gonna help and how much it’s gonna cost you.

Now on most calls like this you usually don't get shown pricing till the end of the call. Which is pretty backwards to me because if it’s out of your budget you basically just wasted 30-45 mins for nothing.

So what I want to do now is eliminate the mystery of the investment because realistically, that’s the most important part of this call anyway.

So i just want to share my screen and show our package breakdown

Share Screen of package breakdown (email it as well)

I also just emailed you a copy of this as well.

Here you want to cover your packages and very make your suggestion of which one fits them based on what they mentioned in the discovery section...
Emphasize the deliverables that add value to their pain points.
If you only offer one package/service make sure to cover the parts in your service that relate to their pain points.

Any questions about our packages before I continue here?

Past Client results:

Here is where you want to show results from past clients who have used your services and also put these results in context of their business needs.

Commitment Length

Say this if you dont require any commitment:

Now usually to work with companies who can offer our level of dedication and the type of results we can deliver..

they’re gonna require you to lock in to a 6-12 month commitment on average. Sometimes even longer....

Which can be a little scary especially if you are like 95% of the people I talk to and have been burnt before in some capacity.

Which is why here at (company name) we let our results speak for themselves and let our clients come and go as they please month to month. Obviously in an industry as competitive as ours we’d be crazy to do this unless we truly believed in our services...which we do.

Say this if your require a commitment:

Now usually to work with agencies who can offer our level of dedication and the type of results we can deliver..

they’re gonna require you to lock in to a 6-12 month commitment.

Which can be a little scary especially if you are like 95% of the people I talk to and have been burnt before.

Which is why here at (company name) we ONLY require a (your contract length) contract.

Because for one, we want you guys to be as comfortable as possible when getting started.

And 2, regardless of what other companies may say, it should not take longer than (your contract length) to see some good results, and we’re confident that within that period we’ll deliver on our promises and you’ll want to stick around for 6-12 months anyway.

The Guarantee (skip this part if you have no guarantee)

In fact We’re so confident in that, that we’ve literally built a guarantee around it.

State your guarantee here.

Closing Section

Now as far as getting started like i we do have some discounts you’re open to take advantage of. Every now and then we run different promos based on what’s going on in the company and our current one is our TIME IS MONEY DISCOUNT.
You can call this discount whatever you want. It’s basically a fast action discount for clients who are willing to sign up on call.

Right now we’re actually offering a discount for our clients who are ready to get started right away since they’re saving us the back and forth of follow ups and extra calls which is saving us time we could be using to let clients book with us and handle existing accounts.

If you don’t already have a fast action discount, add $500-$1000 to your normal rates and mention to your clients that those are your normal rates. Then proceed to give them the “discounted” rates for them getting started right away.

Now if everything makes sense and things seem like a good fit. What most clients have been doing lately is taking advantage of that time is money discount just because they save the most going that route.
Did you wanna do the same thing and move forward with the (package name) today?

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