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Buyer Sequence Template

EMAIL 1 (sent immediately)

SUBJECT: 😎 Your Account Login Details
PURPOSE: Provide product access

Hey {{member.name}}!


Let me be the first to say congratulations and welcome to the 10X family!


Here is everything you need to get rocking...


username: {{username}}

password: {{password}}

training center: training.grantcardone.com


NOTE: You can change your password in the settings section.


I truly appreciate your business and want you to know that our entire team is behind you all the way!


Your success is our success.


Contact us by phone at 310-777-0255 (weekday 9:00 to 6:00 EST) or by email at chat@grantcardone.com any time.


Be Great,


Grant Cardone












EMAIL 2 (sent 24 hours later)

SUBJECT: 🎁 Your Mystery Bonus
PURPOSE: Show we go above and beyond


Hey Friend!


On the workshop, I said I was giving you a surprise bonus for getting started with the 10X Marketing Done-For-You program.


Well, I decided not to do that.


I decided to give you 3 bonuses instead. :)


You see, at 10X we don’t just deliver… we OVER deliver.  Every.  Single. Time.


When you log in to your member’s area you’re going to see recordings from the first 3 years of my legendary 10X Growth Conference.  


My gift to you for having trust in me!


If you’re not familiar with 10X Growthcon it is widely considered one of the best business conferences on the planet.  In fact, Forbes magazine ranked it #1.


The best of the best are at the event.  Both the speakers and the attendees.


In fact, your bonus training includes talks from Steve Harvey, John Maxwell, Sara Blakely, Daymond John, Bethenny Frankel, Les Brown, Tim Grover, Tim Storey, Russell Brunson, and Ryan Deiss (to name a few).


Not a bad surprise, eh?



Always going above-and-beyond,


Grant Cardone


P.S. If you haven’t applied for 10X Mentoring yet you should apply here.  


P.P.S. If you think I overdeliver with my training, you’re going to be blown away with our hands-on mentoring program.


EMAIL 3 (sent 3 days later)

SUBJECT: How can we help?
PURPOSE: Sell upgraded services

Hey ___, hope you're crushing your day.


Reaching out to see if me and my team can help.  As you may know, we are a full-service operation.


What does that mean?


It means we go far beyond providing online training and tools.  In fact, of all the things we do here, the 10X Mentoring Program is my absolute pride and joy.


I will be up front though: my mentoring program is not for everyone.


If you're not 100% committed to having breakthrough results, then it is better that you do not apply.  10X Mentoring is not easy.  It is designed to push you and find out what you're truly capable of.


On the other hand, if you are serious about success, then I invite you to...


Apply for 10X Mentoring now »


Let's help you go further, faster.


Pushing you to success,


Grant Cardone









EMAIL 4 (sent 7 days later)

SUBJECT: Your Virtual Coaching
PURPOSE: Get customer using product

Hey Friend,


Just wanted to check in because you haven’t started your virtual coaching yet.


I’m not stressing, as the program was designed to work at your pace and around your schedule.  I just know you want to produce some serious results in your life.


Whenever you’re ready, the initial onboarding takes about 10-15 minutes.  We’re going to set your targets, establish milestones and create rewards.  From there, I will recommend the ideal training and you’ll get regular messages holding you accountable.  Seems you might need it ;-)


You can find details inside of the training center (look for the Virtual Coaching section after logging in) or if you use Facebook Messenger you can go here to get started.




Grant Cardone

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