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A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Business for Marketing


Starting a marketing for your business can be a rewarding, but it

requires careful planning and execution. This step-by-step guide

will help you navigate through the essential stages of setting up

your marketing business.

Step 1: Business Core

Before diving into marketing for your business, you must social

proof your business. You need to provide your audience proof of

your existence without it they will move on to the next opportunity

the following is a list of the social networks and social proof that

you will need to have before you start doing your marketing.

1. Business Address: You will need to have a business address

other than your own private residence. This can be a friends,

business address of a brick and mortar. It can be a mailbox

that is listed as a business address.

2. Business Phone Number: Your business needs a phone

number that can either be picked up or a message can be

delivered to the prospective client calling your business.

Godzilla MKTG. Will provide this in the system for you.You will only need to put a card down in the back office to

cover the low rates of usage, don't worry you won't have some

crazy cell phone bill from back in the day. Our bills in our

company on a month-to-month basis are less than $40 for the

entire company. You are only a one person band so it could be

just a few dollars a month, if at all.

3. Business Website: Your business will require to have a

business website showing that you are a active running


4. List Your Business: Your Business Will need to be listed in

the following directories:

• List Yourself Link

YellowPages Link How To

• Apple Maps Link How to

Step 2: Social Proofing

You will need to set up the following social networks for your

business. Once your logo is complete, you will need to go back

and brand unify everyone of these, so it matches your website

and your company branding. Here are the following networks he

will need to set up.

1. Linked In (need to have personal to create page)

2. Google My Business

3. Facebook Business (need to have personal to create page)4. Instagram

5. Threads

6. TikTok for Business

7. X(Twitter)

Step 3: Homework

One of the greatest marketing books ever created was “Sell Like

Crazy” by Sabri Suby Here is a link to the pdf and audio book

files. Optionally you can purchase a hardcopy on amazon.com.

Download Link

Step 4: Godzilla MKTG. Resources

You can find additional resources on marketing on our Support

site at the following link below:

Online Knowledge Base support.godzillamktg.com

Step 5:(Optional) Financial Systems

Establish a reliable accounting system to track income, expenses,

and taxes. Consider hiring an accountant or using accounting

software to ensure accurate financial management.Tip 1: Build Your Brand

Create a professional and memorable brand identity, including a

logo, business name, and website. Your online presence is crucial

in the marketing industry, so invest time and resources into

developing a user-friendly website.

Develop a pricing strategy that reflects the value you provide and

is competitive in the market.

Tip 2: Build a Professional Network

Network with other professionals in the marketing industry and

related fields. Attend industry events, join online communities, and

engage in social media to build relationships that can lead to

collaborations or client referrals.

Tip 3: Marketing and Promotion

Apply your marketing skills to promote your own business. Utilize

various channels such as social media, content marketing, email

campaigns, and networking events to create awareness and

attract potential clients. Put yourself out there and record small

little videos that you can post on your social networks. One of the

easiest ways to do this is acquiring one or multiple free social

media management tools Godzilla MKTG.does offer a social

media tool at sociolIQ.com. Here is a list of some free ones that

are offered online some very in how many accounts you can hook

up you may need to have multiples to take the free option. Once

you link your social accounts to a SMM, you will be able to post to

multiple accounts all at once, another great tool is to use chat

GPT to put tips onto your social media networks, you can buildout an entire month and then upload and schedule it to your


Tip 4: Build Your Lead List

Develop a solid client acquisition strategy, including lead

generation, and scraping. Focus on delivering high-quality

services to ensure client satisfaction and encourage repeat

business and referrals.

Tip 5: Stay Updated and Adapt

The marketing industry evolves rapidly, so stay informed about

the latest trends and technologies. Adapt your strategies to

remain competitive and provide cutting-edge services to your



Starting a marketing business requires a combination of strategic

planning, creativity, and adaptability. By following these steps and

continuously refining your approach, you'll be well-positioned to

build a successful and sustainable marketing business.

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