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Sales Sequence Template

Email #1

Subject Line: 🤑 Free Download


Angle: Free Lead Magnet to Webinar


Link: https://10xwebclass.com/free

Hey (Name),

If you're trying to make more income...



Download my free workbook and training.

As you'll see, it is your step-by-step blueprint for earning more in any economy.


It's 100% legit and 100% free.


Grant Cardone


P.S. I don't expect it will be free for long, jump on it here.

Email #2

Subject Line: 👉 STEP 1


Angle: Curiosity to motivation


Link: https://10xwebclass.com/goal

If you’re reading this email then I know you’re somebody who wants more out of life.

More money, more freedom, more happiness.


I know that because losers don’t read my stuff.  They think I’m too “brash”, which I guess is a fancy word for telling it how it is.

But here’s what drives me crazy...

The world is full of good people (maybe you’re one of them) who want to achieve big things, but who ultimately stay stuck at about the same level for way too long.



I believe the #1 reason people stay stuck is because they don’t set REAL goals that actually compel them to succeed.  What they do is set some little rinky-dink goals, act like they are serious for a short period of time, and then ultimately forget all about them. 

If that sounds like you…

Go here and let’s change that TODAY.

I’m not only going to help you set your goal, I’m going to give you the resources and free training to make the goal a reality.

Let’s make today the day that we get you unstuck.


Grant Cardone




Email #3

Subject Line: 🎟 Claim your FREE TICKET! (limited availability)


Angle: Free Event to Webinar


Link: https://10xwebclass.com/ticket




Want to learn how to make more money in this (or any) economy?

Claim your free ticket now…


This online event is unlike any I have ever done.  It’s fully interactive so you better show up ready to play full out.


See you there,


- Grant Cardone


P.S. Availability is limited, claim yours for free now.



Email #4

Subject Line: ⚡️ WE’RE GOING LIVE!

Angle: Excitement and urgency

Link: https://10xwebclass.com/training




If you want me to teach you how to make more money jump on now…


Free training and download »

For the first time ever I’m giving you the EXACT blueprint I used to multiply my income.

And I’m doing it for free!  Jump on!!!

Grant Cardone

P.S. If you can’t join me now, I’m doing multiple sessions... See time options here.





















Email #5

Subject Line: Can I get vulnerable with you for a second [first name]?

Angle: Content to sales page

Link: 10xincomesystem.com/true-confessions

I’m about to reveal a side of me you’ve probably never seen before.

Yesterday I shared “a day in the life” video that gave an inside look at the glamorous side of making it big.  You can see it here if you happened to miss it.

Today, I’m going to do the complete OPPOSITE.

If you’ve ever struggled… if you know what it’s like to be down and out… you need to watch this.



I get real and raw in this impromptu iphone confession, to say the least.  I let you in on my depression and all the demons I’ve had to fight to become the man I am today.

So if you’ve ever been in a funk, or happen to be in one right now, I hope this video will give you what you need to break free.

Remember, no matter how much people like to put on a happy face online, we all have our challenges.

We’re in this together.

Grant Cardone

P.S. After watching the video I will invite you to join me on a life-changing journey.  It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

Remember, motion creates emotion.  Keep moving!




























Email #6


Subject Line: 📍Start Here

Angle: Content to sales page

Link: 10xincomesystem.com/where-to-start

I can’t tell you how many times in my career I’ve felt completely lost.

Unsure which direction to go. Unsure if I was doing the right thing. Unsure what to do next.

If you’ve ever felt that way this short video will help


Just know we all need help getting on track sometimes.

That’s a big part of the reason I think you should get started with the 10X Income System [first name].

While the information inside the member’s area can change your life, I know you’ll probably need a little extra help putting the knowledge into action.

That’s why I created my virtual coaching program, so you never have to guess what to do next.  I customize your learning experience and lay it all out for you one step at a time.

It’s do this… do this… do this… get results.  I won’t let you slack and I won’t let you slip.

When you’re ready for me to help you go here and get started.


In your corner,


Grant Cardone


























Email #7

Subject Line: 😧 IT ENDS TOMORROW (beware, profanity inside)

Angle: Urgency direct sale

Link: 10xincomesystem.com/last-call


I’m going to pull out my trusty ole’ crystal ball and look into the future…


I predict that, without a shadow of a doubt, when the timer hits zero tomorrow people are going to freak out.  My support team will get flooded by procrastinators begging and pleading…

“Grant, I just missed getting the 10X Income System and all the bonuses.  Can I still get in pleeeeaaaasssse?”

At this point, you know me well enough to guess what my answer is going to be.



Look, being a 10Xer means you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and do things that make you a little uncomfortable.  While you’re obviously getting ridiculous value for a ridiculously low investment, you still need to pull out your wallet and make it happen.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if it is a “yes” or a “no”’.  What matters is that you MAKE A REAL DECISION.

Either way, you won’t hurt my feelings.

Be bold,

Grant Cardone

P.S. You can get started here for $0 down.



Email #8

Subject Line: 😅 LAST CHANCE! (open now or regret later)

Angle: Urgency direct sale

Link: 10xincomesystem.com/last-call


By now you know that in order to change your income, you’ve got to invest in yourself.

By now you realize there is nobody better on the planet to help you achieve your goals than me.


By now you’ve decided that you WANT the 10X Income System, the virtual coaching and all the bonuses.


Now it’s just a matter of stepping up and making a strong decision so that me and my team can help...

👉 Click here and register before the timer hits 0:00 and the bonuses disappear



It is your duty to succeed [first name]. 

If you WANT something and you don’t take action on it, I don’t call that procrastination.  I call it falling short of your potential.

Don’t rob yourself and don’t rob your family.  Let’s find out what you’re truly capable of.

We’re in this together.


Grant Cardone


P.S. Go here and scroll down the page to see the ridiculous value and bonuses you’re going to miss out on if you don’t step.  Remember though, it’s not about bonuses.  It’s about creating an entirely new reality of what is possible for you.

You can do this.

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