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60 Fill In The Blank Scripts - Works For All Niches

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5. 6.

I made ($xxxx)in one day and here’s how I did it (tell the story here)..

I achieved (X RESULT YOU want your audience to experience)in (insane time frame)and here’s how I did it (tell the story here)..

Let’s talk about (Niche Subject)because there are so many secrets people won’t tell you!

You can have the perfect (Niche)process, but if you have a bad (niche product/ tools / etc.)it won’t be top tier!

This has been the most frustrated I’ve been (Niche Action)...

(Niche / Title / Occupation)all over the world are losing their minds!

  1. Stopdoing(thethingyourindustrythinksis necessary) and do this instead to get (x result your industry wants)

  2. Your (xxxxxx - the thing your niche cares about or uses instead of your solution) is screwing you and you didn’t even know it. (explain why from here)

  3. I achieved (x result your niche/customer wants) in (x days - which would be faster than they thought) and here’s how

10.The 3 little known ways to achieve (x result your niche/customer wants) and it’s been hidden by the elites/big corps for years now. Here it is.

11. Stop using (your competitor does or has) and start using this because of this 1 little known thing.

12.(your competitor/product or strategy most are using) is scamming you! Here check this out!

13.Watch out for this new (your industry/niche) scam! This recent article came out that says (explain further with article)

14.Your business/object is going to fail if you don’t do (xxxxx your solution) - (then explain further and why)

15. If you don’t do (xxxxx) you are missing out on (xxxxxx) - here’s why:

16.Here’s a NEW Ai tool that’s allowing you to do (xxxxxx cool result they want in their business or health or life or travel)

17. Here’s how a (find a crazy story about someone in your niche or product industry achieved x result at a young age using your product or service - example 17 year old who’s a deaf coach scaled to 10k a month) then explain the story and why they have no excuse

18. If you’re in credit card debt, here’s your get out of debt card (find a resource for debt consolidation)

19. Here’s how I traveled to (xxxx) for FREE - talk about cash back or Amex points or maybe you ran an event in another country and the ticket sales paid for it.

20. Did you know that I used to (old niche process)? But now I do this.

21.I’m in a little bit of shock on (ideal outcome).

22. 23. 24.

Let’s rue some feathers and (niche activity)! Forget about (Common Niche descriptor)! (Avatar) stop wasting hundreds of dollars on

(Niche Subject), I did this in (Time Span) by

25. If (subject / topic) (adjective / verb / action) like

(something highly negative), then you need to

listen to this RIGHT NOW.
26. I’ve been seeing these (niche related topic /

subject) from (Website / App / Store / etc.) - It’s all

over the place. So let’s see if it’s worth the hype! 27.1 (Website / Tool / App / Object / etc.) you should

know about heading into 2023!
28. I can't believe I'm sharing this secret because

this is really the reason I (what they want or are

struggling to keep).
29. Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like

to (ideal outcome)?
30. Now here’s 1 of the (Subject / Topic) things you

can (Action) first thing (in the morning / night /

work / etc).
31.(Topic they want to avoid at all costs or feel

hindered by) Remember this...
32. How to tell if you're (something they do that

they know is holding them back or they're embarrassed by).

33. Anyone who says you have to spend (dollar amount ) to (what they desire) is just a liar!

34. It took me (timeframe) to learn what I'm about to teach you in (how long it will take to explain).

35. Harsh truth from a (credentials) (occupation / title)...

36. As a (Niche / Title / Occupation), this is some of the hardest things I've had to do.

37.GET THIS! Hurry and take a picture of this (Product / Service)!

38. The best (Niche Subject / Service / Product etc.) that I have found over my (amount of time) of being a (Niche / Title / Occupation)!

39.I'm about to expose some of the realities of a (Niche / Title / Occupation) because it’s not as glamorous as you think.

40. This is one thing no (Occupation / title / identity) wants to see.

41.You don't always have to (niche subject / topic / action) to get (ideal outcome / desired outcome).

42. If you're a (Occupation / Title) here's something REALLY important that you haven't been taught.

43. No more basic (niche related activity or item) hacks, because these are going to be hard but worth it!

44. Every single person that has ever taken this piece of advice from me, immediately (what they desire or struggle to change).

45. Here’s some things you won't ever catch me doing after being a (Niche / Occupation / Title)!

46. You spoke, I listened, so now I'm back with (number) things you should know about (niche subject).

47.Today’s the day that I’m going to finally teach you how to (ideal outcome they high desire and want) for a change.

48. Avoid (action) this (Website / App / Store / etc) like it’s the literal plague. RUN and (action) this instead.

49. If you're ready to say goodbye to (something they do out of hate or regret) forever, listen up.

50. What nobody tells you about (something they hope to achieve or are focused on getting to). 51. If you’re (Group / Identity / Title / Demographic))

under the age of (Age range) - Do NOT scroll

away from this video
52. If you have a (positive attribute) (relationship /

title / etc.) I'm going to show you how to NOT F up (special holiday or event you niche is chasing) this year!

53. (Adjective) items you need for your (Niche Subject)!

54. All my (Niche / Title / Occupation), here are my staples for (desired outcome)!

55. Do not tell me I didn't warn you about (niche subject) and why you should pay attention.

56. Confessions of an Ex (Title / Description that is negative) part (large number).

57.Common (Things / items / Products / Services / etc) I see promoted with BS (what it includes / has) & what I use instead.

58. Here’s why I love (something they shouldn't do / feel embarrassed about) and why you should too.

59. Get ready to groan! A (Age / Demographic) tips that you're going to hate but really need.

60. Don't waste your money on bad (something they do daily or pride themselves in). Stop using these...

(70/100 MORE BONUS Scripts) - In Progress Finishing Soon Due to High Demand

61.I was gonna keep this a secret from you guys but it came in and I just wanna show you guys what my #1 (Niche Subject / topic) essential is for always.

62. You gotta see this! I have proof of (controversial statement or thought process within niche / industry).

63. Ok guys, overhyped (Niche Subject / topic / location / item etc.) and (action) to (verb) instead. 64. Reason (Large Number) why I love (Occupation

/ title / relationship / identity / etc.).
65. This is the absolute best (Niche Subject /

Topic) - I pretty much use this for everything I

66. If you struggle with (pain point they want

solved or experience daily) then you definitely

need this!
67.You're committing a (Niche / Industry) crime if

you (verb) these (niche item / subject / topic). 68. I was able to (goal our ideal outcome they

want) from (where they’re currently at) to (ideal

outcome) in just (timeframe) by doing this. 69.You guys I saw this on (App / Website / Store /

Etc.) and you are NOT gonna believe this. Holy

70. This is how you get (Subject / Topic) setup and

working like the professionals do.
71.Sooo here’s an unpopular opinion. If you (Topic /

subject that you’re frustrated by or care about / taboo) it’s probably your fault.

72. This is the biggest scam in the (Niche / Topic / Industry) and I’m gonna expose it.

73. So I have an update on (Niche Subject) and of course it comes with good news and bad news.

74. If you have a (Product / Skill), here’s how you can make (Dollar Amount)(Time Span)!

75. I recently discovered (Niche Product / App / Website) that has changed the game for me!

76. #1 Thing holding you back in (niche)... (list common mistake)

77.Easiest way to make connections with like minded people (conferences,events, online,etc...)

78. As an entrepreneur here is 1 product I can’t live without (phone, computer, something used daily....)

79.(Niche) just became x10 simpler with this Hack.... (list helpful hack)

80. (Niche) is so untapped in 2023, here is how you can start

81.As a (niche) owner here is the #1 beginner mistake I’ve seen

82. Stop putting o starting (niche) and just DO IT... (tell viewer to watch and follow to learn how)

83. You’re going to be so mad you didn’t know about (niche related tip) which has saved me X (amount of time)

84. This is why i believe EVERYONE should have a side hustle in 2023 (explain how any side hustle can become a business/career)

  1. Using AI in (niche) to your advantage in 2023

  2. Here’s why Sales is a life-long skill, I’ve used

Sales in (niche)....
87. The #1 way i’ve been able to reduce stress as an

entrepreneur is (list hobby or exercise that calms you)

88. As a (title, ex. Service based business owner, ecom owner, etc) this is the #1 thing I hate to see

89. This trick would’ve saved me X (amount of time) in (niche) if i knew about it sooner

90. Make rejection your best friend, (explain benefits and lessons from rejection)

91. There is no excuse why you cannot succeed in (niche) anymore

  1. Total cost to start (niche) in 2023

  2. A (niche) secret I’ve been using for X (amount

of time)...(explain benefits)

  1. Stop overcomplicating (niche)

  2. Discover the Must-Have

(Website/Tool/App/Object/etc.) for a successful

96. The #1 Lie I’ve heard in 2023 about (niche) that

is simple not true
97.Want to know what it feels like to

(benefits/desirable outcomes of success from

98. This is what I learned during years of failure

that changed my life (niche hack)
99.You need to start posting content (list benefits of

personal brands)

100. 101. 102.

103. Secrets to success in (niche)
104. I shouldn’t show you this (niche) hack, but I

will anyways
105. This is how I would start (niche) all over again

in 2023
106. My Top 3 Places to travel as a (niche) (list

favorite places to travel)

People pay me (X) for this (service), here’s why This is why 99% of (niche) fail!

Unveiling the Untold Realities of (Something They Aspire to Accomplish or Are Determined to Attain)

107. Creating a winning business plan in (niche), step-by-step guide

108. This isn’t talked about enough in (niche)... (niche subject)

  1. Why I don’t like (Something most people like)

  2. How I grew my Instagram following organically

to X (amount of followers)
111. This is why I (productivity hack) everyday to

stay sharp... (go on and explain how it helps)
112. The truth about entrepreneurship, (the highs

and lows)
113. My biggest Business failure ever (explain

failure) and what I learned from it....
114. I will show you how to achieve (outcome) in the

way a 5 year old can understand
115. I quit my (old profession) to go all in on

(current niche/profession)
116. If I was younger here’s how I would scale in

(niche) all over again
117. The hidden costs of starting a business in

(niche), what they don't tell you
118. 1 thing every entrepreneur should do... (list

daily things, ex. Working out,meditating,etc...) 119. The single reason 99% of entrepreneurs fail...

(list biggest hardship most face)(patience)
120. (Say lie you've heard about your niche) is the

BIGGEST LIE i’ve heard in (niche)
121. I tell my clients (niche tip) this to grow their

(business/niche) more....
122. (topic based on niche) should be left in 2022! 123. Want to grow your (niche name)? Watch this

video and apply it today
124. The truth about (niche)- Here’s everything you

need to know before starting your own (niche) 125. The 3 best softwares I use in my


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8.

126. (shortcut in niche) Seems like a good choice, but is it really?... (explain why taking a shortcut in your niche is gonna hurt you)

127. Want more (client avatar for niche), watch this video

128. (problem in your niche) isn’t talked about enough...

129. As of recently this (product/service) is my favorite because

130. I am a (niche/career title) and here’s what I wished I stopped doing when I was younger

131. Things every (viewer type, ex. Man, business owner, woman...) needs to hear

132. No (niche/career title) wants to deal with this... 133. I have accomplished this for my

134. Thisiswhyyouhaven’tmadeitin(niche)...
135. This may be hard to hear if you are a beginner

in (niche),but..... (state problem for beginner in

136. Why motivation is useless... (discipline is king)

(60 EXTRA Video Topics)

If I in my 20s here’s how I would make my first 6-figures

This is how I turned my Passion into a 6 Figure Business From zero to X figures: My entrepreneurial journey

This is the best way to stand out in (niche) in 2023

Stop underestimating the power of a positive mindset in business....

Connections and why they are so important....

9. Working hard ISN’T the key to success, working smarter is... (explain why)

10.This is what your Screen Time says about you... (describe having many hours as bad, less hours the more productive)

11. My favorite foods to eat as an entrepreneur on the go 12.Common trait I’ve seen in myself and other successful

13. You can 3x your views by simply posting on each Social

Media Platform
14.If you have a Side Hustle here is why you need a 9-5..

(explain you need capital to fall back on while building the

side hustle)
15.The importance of continuous learning in business...
16. Here’s how to be a better Leader...
17. This is how I make money with just a laptop and wifi....
18. The #1 thing you do in the morning as a Business owner 19. Why is it so important to stay organized when running a

20. Is X (business model) still alive in 2023?....
21.My #1 Tip to start a Business in 2023...
22. Most important lessons you’ve learned as a Business

23. X (business model) is my least favorite business model


27.Business networking tips
28. Book recommendation you’ve read that helped you

I X (type of exercise) everyday because.... Explain your morning routine

Business negotiation tactics

29.Marketing strategies you’ve used
30. Best parts of being your own boss 31.What I learned from College/Highschool

  1. Favorite hack to be more productive

  2. What being single or in a relationship has taught me

34. 35. 36.

37.Make a video about the car you use daily...
38. As an entrepreneur this is my dream car...
39.One thing I wish I was doing when I was a teenager is.... 40. How AI has changed how you work
41.Favorite software you use in your business
42. Your favorite Social Media App... explain why you like it

and what content you mainly consume

  1. Your #1 Goal in 2023...

  2. The best way to deal with stress....

  3. Communication tips you have used

  4. Explain the importance of a personal brand....

47.The most frequent objection you get and how you deal with


Video touring your oce/workspace
#1 trend you’ve seen in your niche recently... describe it

Most Frequent question I get asked... (state and then answer it)

The best advice I’ve ever heard is... Day in the life of an entrepreneur

51.This is my pet.... talk about how your pet has helped you

  1. Why it’s important to be respectful to everyone

  2. One thing I wish I could tell myself before starting my

business is....

  1. What I look for when hiring employees...

  2. Why you need to stop going out every weekend to be

56. Why you need to reduce your screen time when building

a business
57.The story of making your first $10,000

  1. The reality of being a business owner...(ups and downs)

  2. Discussing the importance of customer experience and


Why it’s important to control your emotions

(60 Hooks - Controversial)

  1. Thisiswhyyou’rebroke...

  2. Why you DON’T need College in 2023....

  3. The real reason you can’t get a gf/bf...

  4. Your parents are the reason you’re broke..

  5. It’s no one's fault but yours that you're broke...

  6. I would rather make $75,000 a year working for myself than

    $250,000 working for someone else

  7. ThiswhyIdon’tX(somethingmostdothatyoudon’t)

  8. I would rather drive X (a decent car) than X (super car),

    here’s why....

  9. Making money is actually easy....

10.If you’re not making at least $10k/mo in today's world you

will never be successful
11. If you're going out every weekend you will never be

12. Why you should be single if you're just starting your

13. If you’re watching this video you will never be successful...

(talk about they are wasting their time on social media) 14. You need to stop caring about politics so much... (not

worth your time as a entrepreneur)
15. Reading books will not make you rich, taking action will... 16. If you’ve ever said “tomorrow”, I know you won’t make

it....(talk about how every successful person is fast at taking

17. You shouldn’t love someone else more than yourself... 18. Going to the gym is a waste of time....
19. Eating more protein isn’t gonna make you any more

20. You shouldn’t be worried about your diet if your a

healthy weight...(talk about diverting that time and energy into your business instead)

21. Having a positive mindset isn’t going to make you anymore money... (talk about action but having the mindset can help)

22. Having a course doesn’t make you a scammer...(talk about the value of information...)

23. Watching tik tok won't make you rich... (proceed to tell them to stop scrolling)

24. You need to move out of your parents house ASAP (talk about having your back against the wall)

25. If you're watching this video and you’re broke, you have no excuses....

26. If you have a 9-5 with 0 Side income the recession is going to destroy you....

27. You are NOT prepared for this Recession if you don’t have a high ticket skillset...

28. Go buy yourself something nice... (talk about how having a nice car, watch, etc will motivate you more)

29. If you get a new iphone every year I bet you’re broke... 30. Stop watching motivational content if you wanna get

rich..(explain how discipline beats motivation, and these

posts won’t make you take action)
31. You need to break up with your significant other if your

not making at least $10k/mo... (explain how you need all the

time you can get to get money)
32. You’re missing out on thousands if you don’t post on

Social Media daily....
33. Stop thinking about money in hours ($/per hour),

instead think of what you can oer for $$$
34. You shouldn’t have a large friend group when you’re first

coming up... (talk about distractions)
35. If you’re BROKE take a look at your friends i bet they are

36. You need new friends if you make more $$$ than all your

37. There is nothing wrong with buying expensive courses in


38. If you can’t sit down for 6 hours and straight work, you will never be rich....

39. No one is coming to save you...
40. The reason why your broke is because you keep saying

41. You SHOULD compare yourself to others...(talk about

motivation gained from doing this, lessons learned, etc...) 42. If you’re watching this you’re LUCKY...(talk about them

having a phone, wifi, etc)
43. If you’re able to watch this video you have 0 excuse for

not making at least $10k/mo
44. Most of you don’t like X (person) because what they are

saying is true
45. You need to hear this... (call them lazy, wake up call

46. STOP watching the news...
47. You’re Broke because you watch the News....

  1. Stop caring about the news, it won’t aect you....

  2. Stop going on Vacations every year...(talk about needing

to earn a vacation)
50. You shouldn’t go on vacations until you’re making

$10k/mo here’s why....
51. This is why you should rent instead of buying homes...

  1. The diploma you get after college is USELESS...

  2. You have to get rid all of your friends if you wanna


  1. If you watch TV I bet you are broke...

  2. TV is the reason why you're not making $10k/mo

  3. You don’t need 8-10 hours of sleep daily....

57. Muscles aren’t going to make you more money, but this

58. You must learn how to spend money in order to make

59. The reason why you're broke is because you are too

60. I rather invest in myself than the S&P 500



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B. Saw you liked the video, just curious, do you need help with (the solution your video talked about that yo do for people)

C. Thanks for the like. I actually messaged you because I’m curious if this video resonated with you because you need

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